G-Slate versus iPad

Sunday, January 23, 2011
One by one challenger iPad emerged, ranging from Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, to the last Hewlett-Packard PalmPad. However, in terms of visual display, on average the same. The difference is only found in the resolution and sharpness of images, which are influenced by the technology behind the screen.

But, assuming this will soon change. Since LG started to adopt the three-dimensional technology into the computer tablet. And, one thing is interesting, users do not require special glasses.

According to French website GPSandCo, source from LG has ensured that companies from South Korea was preparing for the G-Slate tablet that comes with a screen of 8.9 inches.

Tablet 3D without special glasses will be one of the many big stories in 2011. Besides Motorola, Nintendo will be used to create mass-market penetration with Nintendo 3DS. After that, consumers will start looking for other similar technologies.

What other interesting things from the G-Slate? According to the same report, it also can record images in 3D. Thus, users can capture important moments and play them back in 3D. For this one, Apple iPad has no rival LG again.

In addition, the G-Slate also buried a 1GHz processor, with Nvidia Tegra processor 2 and the micro USB port. What is already equipped with 4G connectivity? Still a secret. For any operating system, is still not certain. However, most likely LG will adopt the Android OS.

To rumored, LG tablet will be priced at only U.S. $ 299 (equivalent to Rp2, 7 million). The difference is very significant when juxtaposed with the price of the iPad or Galaxy Tab.

According to some observers, has been a while LG does not present a big surprise. But if all the rumors about the G-Slate is true, could be shot to LG hottest topic in the world of tablet computers.

For information, G-Slate is scheduled to be released at the end of the first quarter, or around March-April
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Top 10 list best selling mobil phones in 2010

Friday, January 7, 2011
After releasing a list of 10 best-selling mobile phones every month, Krusell has released a list of 10 best-selling mobile phones throughout 2010. Does your phone go on the list?

If you iPhone users, you may elated. His greatness no one rival over the past year. This can be seen from the two products that enter the list of "hot", ie 4 and iPhone 3G iPhone.

In fact, in the last three months, including October, November, and December, four consecutive iPhone became the best-selling mobile phones.

When viewed under the brand, Nokia still control the list of 10 best-selling mobile phones. As many as four of the 10 best-selling mobile phone products selected were Nokia, the Nokia 3720 Classic, Nokia E52, Nokia 6700 Classic, and Nokia 6303 Classic.

While HTC and Samsung each contribute two products in this list, including HD2 HTC, HTC Desire, Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, and the Samsung B2100.

Here's complete list of 10 best-selling mobile phones throughout the 2010 version of Krusell:
Apple iPhone 4
1. Apple iPhone 4
2. Nokia 3720 Classic
3. HTC HD2
4. Apple iPhone 3G
5. Nokia E52
6. Samsung i9000 Galaxy S
7. Nokia 6700 Classic
8. HTC Desire
9. Nokia 6303 Classic
10. Samsung B2100

"Looking at the list above, the most interesting perspective observed may mix of enticing mobile phone model mobile phone buyers and the casing over the past year," said Ulf Sandberg, chief executive officer (CEO) Krusell, in a press release, Friday, January 7, 2011.

"This list is not only inhabited by upper-class phones, but it turns out like a conventional mobile phone Nokia 3720 and 6700 Classic much demand. Indeed, this list proves that the era of the smartphone more so, but do not forget if there is a group of large segments that still want a simple device and easy to use, "said Sandberg.

As is known, the selection of the top 10 phones based on consumer absorption of casing products (packaging) cell phone throughout 2010, including devices and portable knick-knacks, a Krusell manufactured by more than three million units per year on average.

List output trinkets manufacturer of electronic devices and mobile phones from Sweden is unique due to the data collected represent the sales of phones on six continents and more than 70 countries around the world.
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