Windows Phone 7 on Nokia?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nokia is reportedly close to Microsoft. Proximity of the two giants is certainly not without purpose, but was mentioned in order to see the possibility of instilling the Windows OS in the smartphone Nokia Phone 7.

This news comes from technology analyst and author of the menggawangi Eldar Murtazin Mobile-Review site. In his report, Eldar says if closeness Nokia-Microsoft has been going a month later.

Scoping they have pioneered are said not to make way for Microsoft's applications to support Symbian on Nokia. But more than that.

Namely see the possibility of embedded Windows 7 Phone running on Nokia hardware, thus quoted from Gadgetsteria, Monday (20/12/2010).

No mention is indeed the origin of the source of this Eldar. But the figure is believed to have Eldar long had a reputation as tech bloggers with qualified sources.

Nokia itself previously claimed to still want to concentrate to build embedded handsets and Symbian OS MeeGo as its future. As for Android, the Finnish vendor has been confirmed closed door meetings. But apparently not so with Windows Phone 7.
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Ipad will replace newspaper?

Monday, December 13, 2010

IPAD functions increasingly popular for its users as a medium for reading digital newspaper. In fact, not a few IPAD users who intend to cancel subscriptions to newspapers. Thus the results of a survey team from the Missouri School of Journalism, the United States is committed against more than 1,600 users as quoted Fortune iPad. The respondents were generally well educated, well-established people aged 35 to 64 years. The focus of the survey is to find out how users of the technology products in consuming news.

The survey shows that the read and follow the news are the most popular functions of the iPad. A total of 84 respondents claimed to read the news are the most important part of the use of IPAD.

In addition, more than three-fourths or 78.6 percent of users spend 30 minutes time to read the news via the iPad. "Nearly half or 48.9 percent of respondents spent more than 1 hour to read the news on the iPad every day."

Of all the respondents as many as 931 people have declared this time they also berlanganan print newspaper. However, some of them intend to cancel the print subscription.

For example, the report said, more than half or 58.1 percent of respondents who use iPad at least one hour a day to read the news "very likely to cancel newspaper subscriptions in the next six months.

"In fact, 10 percent of respondents said it had to cancel newspaper subscriptions and switch to digital newspaper by iPad."
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Yamaha Blu-ray Disc player BD-A1000

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator of home theater and digital audio and video Reproduction, recently introduced a Blu-ray Disc player BD-A1000. As reported HotHardware, made by Yamaha's BD-A1000 offers video and audio output of high quality (high definition).

In addition to blu-ray format, Blu-ray Disc Player BD-A1000 Blu-ray disc format can be used for DVD, SACD, and DVD audio discs. Interestingly again, this device can also be used for web-based media such as NetFlix, Blockbuster, and You Tube. Through, two USB ports available on the front and back of the body.

Several audio and video file formats can be accessed by any device, such as AVCHD, WMV, JPEG, MP3, and WMA. With a variety of abilities that any suitable device known as the 'Universal Blu-ray player'.

Yamaha BD-A1000 has been ready to try out the market, with the official in the range of 700 dollars
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