Windows Phone 7 on Nokia?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nokia is reportedly close to Microsoft. Proximity of the two giants is certainly not without purpose, but was mentioned in order to see the possibility of instilling the Windows OS in the smartphone Nokia Phone 7.

This news comes from technology analyst and author of the menggawangi Eldar Murtazin Mobile-Review site. In his report, Eldar says if closeness Nokia-Microsoft has been going a month later.

Scoping they have pioneered are said not to make way for Microsoft's applications to support Symbian on Nokia. But more than that.

Namely see the possibility of embedded Windows 7 Phone running on Nokia hardware, thus quoted from Gadgetsteria, Monday (20/12/2010).

No mention is indeed the origin of the source of this Eldar. But the figure is believed to have Eldar long had a reputation as tech bloggers with qualified sources.

Nokia itself previously claimed to still want to concentrate to build embedded handsets and Symbian OS MeeGo as its future. As for Android, the Finnish vendor has been confirmed closed door meetings. But apparently not so with Windows Phone 7.

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