Yamaha Blu-ray Disc player BD-A1000

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator of home theater and digital audio and video Reproduction, recently introduced a Blu-ray Disc player BD-A1000. As reported HotHardware, made by Yamaha's BD-A1000 offers video and audio output of high quality (high definition).

In addition to blu-ray format, Blu-ray Disc Player BD-A1000 Blu-ray disc format can be used for DVD, SACD, and DVD audio discs. Interestingly again, this device can also be used for web-based media such as NetFlix, Blockbuster, and You Tube. Through, two USB ports available on the front and back of the body.

Several audio and video file formats can be accessed by any device, such as AVCHD, WMV, JPEG, MP3, and WMA. With a variety of abilities that any suitable device known as the 'Universal Blu-ray player'.

Yamaha BD-A1000 has been ready to try out the market, with the official in the range of 700 dollars

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