Ipad will replace newspaper?

Monday, December 13, 2010

IPAD functions increasingly popular for its users as a medium for reading digital newspaper. In fact, not a few IPAD users who intend to cancel subscriptions to newspapers. Thus the results of a survey team from the Missouri School of Journalism, the United States is committed against more than 1,600 users as quoted Fortune iPad. The respondents were generally well educated, well-established people aged 35 to 64 years. The focus of the survey is to find out how users of the technology products in consuming news.

The survey shows that the read and follow the news are the most popular functions of the iPad. A total of 84 respondents claimed to read the news are the most important part of the use of IPAD.

In addition, more than three-fourths or 78.6 percent of users spend 30 minutes time to read the news via the iPad. "Nearly half or 48.9 percent of respondents spent more than 1 hour to read the news on the iPad every day."

Of all the respondents as many as 931 people have declared this time they also berlanganan print newspaper. However, some of them intend to cancel the print subscription.

For example, the report said, more than half or 58.1 percent of respondents who use iPad at least one hour a day to read the news "very likely to cancel newspaper subscriptions in the next six months.

"In fact, 10 percent of respondents said it had to cancel newspaper subscriptions and switch to digital newspaper by iPad."

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