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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

QWERTY phone bar design popularity is increasing in the country, such as the BlackBerry Curve type. With the idea of the business concept, Nokia is not also Miss less series led to a standard keyboard series bar phone segment E, which is equally famous. Latest Nokia QWERTY bar reappear figure series E63. Nokia E63 is designed as a true example of the E71 series are more "affordable" view from the side of the selling price. Although between E63 and E71 have a similar design, but the material body E63 is made of plastic materials. E71 is different from solid metal.

Of course, there are adaptations of the E63 features and facilities. Not found in the E63 HSDPA, the IR connection characteristics and built in GPS receiver. Beyond that, E63 has the capability of parallel to E71, including the use of processor types. Installation of the E63 camera back to adopted standards E61i. However, Nokia gives a new touch with E63 is series E first equipped phones flashlight facilities.

Although between E63 and E71 in a similar manner, but are also notable differences. E63 is more minimalist, there is a special camera and volume control button. On the other hand, the body of the phone for the slot only a USB mic and slot for memory card. At the top of a female 3.5 mm audio jack, 3.5 election connection mm is considered to be more flexible for audio stereo headphones. Unlike the E71 used a 2.5 mm. Back cover material is made of materials that can alleviate the slippery paloma plaatik.


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