Canon Legria FS200

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
canon legria fs200
It's among the most affordable ways to get stunning video in a light, compact and user-friendly package. As employed in advanced electronic products such as laptop computers, MP3 players, PDAs and cell phones, Flash Memory has numerous benefits. Adding to the usefulness of this camcorder is Canon's Quick Charge - which reduces the recharge time for the FS200's battery and Pre-Record gives you a head start on capturing the action.
Physically, the Legria FS200 is a small and lightweight camcorder. This is a camcorder with solid-state storage. This product is lighter than the others that using tape storage or hard disk.
With a weight of only 230 grams, the FS200 is so light. But in her small frame, the Canon can still master the technology buried.
This camcorder uses Li-ion battery that can last for 3 hours and 17 minutes. This Endurance enough to record a single size video for 12 GB. With a replenishment of about 20 minutes, the batteries can be used again to do the recording in a long time.
Lens is capable of up to 37 times magnification and digital zoom up to 2000 times. When the body is written 41x Advanced Zoom, this means its 0.8 megapixel sensor capable of capturing images in more detail, even if the lenses have reached a full 37 times magnification.

This camcorder has not optical images stabilizer. This became a separate record. But in practice, electronic stabilizer not very bad. In fact, it can still compete with the optical system of the Panasonic SDR-S26. Even so, the quality does not disappointing. This camcorder can produce a fairly sharp recording, real color, and low noise at less lighting. But, FS200 need more time to adjust its focus on the flickering spotlights conditions.
This camcorder also features a video snapshot (record a short video clip for every 4 seconds), Pre REC (record 3 seconds before pushing the record button), and Dual Shot (video recording and photographing the image). With these features, the camcorder is sufficient to be used to make small films.
Canon includes several software packages in this camcorder. The software is PIXELA. Through the software, users can transfer a recording, easily share, edit, convert file, to copy it to DVD disc.
All other FS families wearing 45x Advanced Zoom, while FS200 only using Advanced Zoom 41x. FS200 was created for entry-level class in the middle of her family.

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