LG Optimus Seven

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Having left behind by Samsung which has been marketing the Galaxy series phones in Indonesia, LG Electronics Indonesia has plans to include two high end phones at once. LG Optimus One (P 500), with Android and LG Optimus Seven, with operating system Windows 7.

The plan was leaked by Chairul Hamdani, Human Resources Director LG Electronics Indonesia. According Chairul, Optimus One android phone will be launched later this year, while LG Optimus Seven was launched in early 2011.

"Two products that will launch the LG is the LG Optimus One that uses technology and LG Optimus Seven android who use Windows 7," said Chairul in Jakarta, Friday, November 19, 2010.

According Chairul, courage LG include two phones, seeing its market share Android phone in Indonesia is still wide open. LG is not afraid to sluggish sales, because Indonesia is open with the latest technologies.

"Like the first, the Blackberry is also not known in Indonesia, but immediately explode," said Chairul. "There may be also on Android and Windows 7."

Chairul said the entry of two mobile phones would also be accompanied by bundling together a package of telecommunications operators. LG is also not concerned with the still less optimal cellular telecommunication network in Indonesia. The reason, 80 percent of high-end mobile phones is absorbed in large cities that have good cellular network.

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