Motorola Defy review

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Motorola Defy reviews - Enliven the Android market that is currently enjoying the top position as the operating system most widely used, Motorola has again issued a new product that uses Google's platform is. Following Backflip and Charm, this time Motorola offers Defy, an Android-based phone that Motorola said eclair tough.


Motorola often present with a design that can not. Just look at the design unique style Back flip or hood-like screen cover on a 3G Lucky. But it is not so visible at a glance Defy the same as many other touch screen smart phone.
Defy Android may be said most formidable current. Because Motorola claims that the phone made ​​it anti-dust, anti-water and scratch resistant. And although not displayed in the design, at least Defy toughness represented by the choice of material. Defy using rubber-coated plastic in the back and the gorilla glass that meets the front sector.
All around, the user can find the 7 pieces bolt directly exposed to typical outdoor mobile phone. Also available also fired rubber cover that protects the audio access gate micro USB 3.5mm and which serves to connect the data cable and charger.
Power button is placed on the top and right beside the phone volume control. While capacitive buttons 4 pieces to accompany the display on the front. Capacitive buttons are available from left to right is the menu button, home, back and search.


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